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"Ten people who speak make more noise than
     ten thousand who are silent."    -- Napoleon

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Peace & Justice 
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Apollo Alliance

 Featured Site :  "The Apollo Project"
"The Apollo Project" is a 10-point plan for energy independence proposed by A  HISTORIC COALITION
 of  labor unions, environmentalists, and peace advocates. If  adopted by our government it would:

* Create three million jobs
* Protect the environment
* Improve public health
* Cost $30 billion/year for 10 years (7% of the Pentagon budget)

For more info on "The Apollo Project," click here.

When Predictions Become Reality
2003 was the hottest year ever recorded, directly resulting in 10's of  thousands of deaths world wide. The 10 hottest years in the 143-year-old global temperature record have now all been since 1990, with the three hottest being 1998, 2002 and 2001.  Global Warming can no longer be ignored 

We knew this day was comming. We've been hearing about it for years. Until recently no one has taken it seriously enough to do anything about it.  We hear pseudo scientists (people who aren't really scientists at all) but  paid spokespersons working for the very corporations with their own agenda,  the very corporations that are guilty
of polluting our earth the most, these pseudo scientists on the corporate payroll have actually been denying scientific evidence on behalf of their corporate sponsors in order to deceive the public. The unstable world of climate change has long been a prediction.  Now, the WMO says, it is a reality.

The Bush-Cheney energy policy agenda falls far too short in addressing this problem.  That's probably because its drafting, spearheaded by Vice President Dick Cheney, came out of a series of meetings behind closed doors with top energy company executives. .

The truth is now so blatantly obvious it can no longer be denied. We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines waiting for the government to take action while these corporations are still controlling the government.. We have procrastinated  enought. We need to do today what should have been done a long, long  time ago.  Find out more   Click Here

Uncensored News & Views

"The truth shall set you free"  In todays corporate controlled news media the truth is obscured, censored and distorted in order to serve the corporate elite with their selfish agenda of profiteering at the expense of  the environment, labor, health and humanity. This leaves truth seekers only one place to turn.


Independent nonprofit news organizations and publications whose roots lie in a commitment to social justice implemented through first rate investigative reporting.. TV and radio stations have now been added to
the growing list of those who value truth and justice over profit.  Click Here

In the United States, there is a widening gap between a citizen's ability to monitor his or her government and the government's ability to monitor a citizen. Average citizens have limited access to important government records, while available information is often illegible. Meanwhile, the government's eagerness and means to oversee a citizen's personal activity is rapidly increasing.

As the government broadens internal surveillance, and collaborates with private institutions to access data on the public, it is crucial that we maintain a symmetry of accountability. If we believe the United States should be a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" it is of central importance to provide citizens with the power to oversee their government.

At least as much effort should be spent building tools to facilitate citizens supervising their government as tools to help the government monitor individuals.  Without  government oversight  there is no Democracy.

According to Sen Henry Waxman, "The actions of the Bush Administration have resulted in an extraordinary expansion of government secrecy. External watchdogs, including Congress, the media, and nongovernmental organizations, have consistently been hindered in their ability to monitor government activities. These actions have serious implications for the nature of our government. When government operates in secret, the ability of the public to hold the government accountable is imperiled."    Full Report: Commitee on Government Reform Minority Office."  

Goverment Information Awarness,1848,59495,00.html


Even though George W Bush has been the worse failure as a president in the history of the United States of America in both
domestic and foreign policies, after nearly 4 years of one monumental mistake after another, over 40% of the American people still support him. The statement below will reveal the answer.

German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said, "What experience and history teach is this -- that people and governments never learn anything from history, or act on principles deduced from it." Useful idiots continue to accept new promises built on a foundation of previously broken promises, This is what makes them useful."

The lesson that the Pentagon and the State Department took from Vietnam: The way to maintain support for a war is to keep the pictures and stories of the dead and the wounded from the American people. 

Millions  March  for Peace
"Youth is the first victim of war; the first fruit of peace. It takes 20 years or more of peace to make a man; it takes only 20 seconds of war to destroy him." ~ King Baudouin

Peace & Justice

The largest and fastest growing global peace movement the world has ever seen. In a world filled with danger of WMD, terrorism and with never ending wars on the horizon, in solidarity dozens of countries, hunrdeds of cities, millions of individuals take to the streets in a march for peace

       "Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they are the children of God"

War of agression is the greatest act of terrorism one nation can committ against another.  Peace & Justice

Grassroots Organizations
 Home of the Brave:  get aquainted with our modern day warriors ( grassroots activitis) who aren't afraid to take a stand in order to make a difference in  foreign policy,  domestic issues, environment, animal rights, civil rights, human rights, safety, respect and dignity for all God's creatures on this planet.

' Together We Can Make A Difference '

Little Sioux
Want to know what 21st century life is like for the Lakota,
visit my brothers on the Rosebud Reservation : Little Sioux
Learn about the History and People of :The Great Sioux Nation

Soaring Eagle

Soaring Eagle's Goal is to Empower Native Americans to help themselves instead of relying on Federal "Quick Fix" projects. We believe challenge is the door to opportunity Find out more:Click Here

Are you an animal lover of domestic and /or wild creatures and their natural habitat. Check out my animals web siteAnimals

When I think of animals ( especially in the wild)  I can't help thinking about the environment and the hazardous impact we are having on other species.  The more species we lose to extinction the closer  to the brink our own species comesEnvironment

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Native American Culture/Herbs/Medicine

The Legend of the Sacred Pipe

Tobacco Road: All about tobacco, different species, how to grow, cure and roll your own, tobacco history, laws and restrictions, cigars, tobacco and tobacco  products .

Are smoke free hospitals unethical?

"When patients have no prospect of benefit from smoking cessation, and enforced abstention aggravates their existing distress, they are being managed unethically."  writes Stephen Head, a general practitioner
from Nottinghamshire. more


Most everyone is familiar with the term "medicine men"  but unless you happen to be Native American,  you may not be all that familiar with the term   medicine women or  the honorable role they have in society

All plants are sacred and good for something even if we aren't always knowledgable of  all their values.
Visit my herbs page.

Although the tobacco plant has been widely used  by Native Americans for centuries, the oldest and possibly the most widely used  medicine plant to have ever been cultivated is      RxCannabis

The Marijuana Policy Project's medical marijuana ballot initiative in
Montana is ahead in the polls by a 2-1 margin ... but the medical
marijuana initiative in Oregon is in trouble. 

The majority of Early Europeans who settled in North America were peasants who brought with them some very unusual ideas about medicine and some very strange practices. Medicine


The Out Post: Outdoor lovers, this is the place to visit for all your outdoor needs. Gardening, Camping, fishing, boating, skiing  Climbing, Hiking, Biking, birdwatching etc.


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Art/Music/Stories/Pow Wows


Art, music,  poetry,  stories and  pow wows  are our spiritual and cultural expressions of  who and what we are and our relationship with each other and toward  all forms of  life

In our isolation we are fearful and alone, through our inner spiritual connections we are never alone.  

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