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Smoke Signal presents
Signs of Global Warming
Fossil Fuel = Weapon of Mass Destruction
Ozone Hole   2002 picture of the earth taken from space,  the blue areas are ozone holes

Mussels Found Near N.Pole in Global Warming Sign --Mussels have been found growing on the seabed just 800 miles from the North Pole in a likely sign of global warming, scientists said on Friday.

Hurricane Season is upon us with new fury of devastation, Ivan swept through the Islands of Hati and Cuba before hitting landfall in Florida, leaving millions homeless and  killing thousands in it's path.  After hurricane Ivan came ashore in Florida on the heals of hurricane Francis the people in Hati were left having to bury their dead in mass graves. The Hurricane season it's over yet.  Global Warming Will Spawn More Ivans

Although Katherine Harris admitted her central role in today's divisive political climate
in her book "Center of the Storm". The hurricanes are not really her fault any more than the millions of other narrow-minded selfish people like her who drive SUV's and don't want to take responsibility for their part in the destruction of the planet. They had rather deny scientific evidence than admit the truth if it means they would have to change their life style in the slightest.

The glaciers in China are melting.  The global warming tempature climate change is directly attributed to man made pollution causing  the phenomena.   The economic and industrial boom in China is wrecking havoc with their environment.
The last thing on earth this planet needed was several million more people driving gasoline powered vehicles and thousands of new industries manufacturing  billions of peices of junk to be sold worldwide.

Attempting to combat its growing dependence on oil imports, China is set to establish fuel-efficiency standards for cars, SUVs, and vans for the first time.
The Rise in Consumers 'Threatens Environment'  

Millions of people across the globe are set to die early due to extreme weather events such as floods and heat waves caused by climate change, a British scientist said yesterday. "We will experience an increase in extreme weather events," he told reporters at the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. "There are predictions of a 10-fold increase in heat waves..

George W. Bush has the worse environmental record than any other American president in history. As  pay back  to his CEO buddies at Halliburton, and all those in the oil, chemcial, mining, drilling, nuclear, defense,  pharmecudical  and logging industry, who bankrolled his presidential election campaign,  he has graciously turned over the keys to the store.    "To whom much is given, much is expected." Bush has lived up to their expectations by giving them free reign.

Under the Bush Administration they are now free to rape, rob, philage, pollute and destroy the last remnants of the planet.  

Global Warming is the greatest threat to mankind, much greater than terrorism. Fossil fuel is a Weapon of Mass Destruction  which is destroying our air, water, climate and our health,  on a daily basis.

One thing we can all do that will  reduce  the accelerated  pace of global warming is to convert to renewable energy.  If every home and business converted to solar and/or wind energy it would be like taking your foot  off the gas peddle.  Find Out More  Click Here!
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