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Soaring Eagle
by Fr. Emmett Hoffmann

I watched for years as certain segements of Cheyenne society "fell through the cracks"
when it came to Federal Programs or Quick Fix government schemes.
I founded Soraing Eagle  to offer disadvantaged  and forgotten people a hand up,
not just a hand out. After careful study over the years, I have selected three seperate
populations within the tribe who are forgotten people.

Elders become ill  and are sent over a hundred miles away to nursing homes where they find themselves unable to communicate their needs in English, Rather than to be forced into  a nursing home by medical personnel, they remain silent when they are sick and in pain. They figure it is better to be sick and in pain than to be whisked away to die alone.

Disadvantaged young working mothers and fathers make just a few dollars over the poverty level and do not qualify for low income housing, hot school lunches for their children, food stamps, day care and a variety of other services. In other words they are penalized for working.

Underprivilaged men and women want to work but can not find meangful employment or decent housing opportunities.

Soaring Eagles first step in combating neglect will be to build an Assisted Living Center for the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and their non-Indian neighbors. A five acre site overlooking the Tounge River on the eastern edge of the reservation will be staffed and maintained by Indian graduates from Dull Knife Memorial College.

These elderly folks should not have to fear telling a doctor they are not well. They only ask to live out their lives with dignity. Please help give tribal elders that one wish by sending a generous gift today. We will need 25,000.00 to buy 5 acres and additional funds to put in sewers, streets and sidewalks. I stand on my record of helping people who need that first hand up.  Join me today and together with God we can help the forgotten people.

May you be blessed in many ways,
Fr Emmett
Father Emmett Hoffmann, Founder

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Visit Soaring Eagle to see what has already been accomplished and how you too can help make a difference in the lives of those who are among the forgotten people
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