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Threatened & Endangered Species

Tapir, the largest mammal in South America.  This gentle plant eater is vanishing fast because of poaching, pollution  and deforestation.

These are but a few of our "MANY" friends that we are in grave danger of losing forever.  When they are gone a part of our world dies with them. This is not progress,  this is ignorance, greed and destruction.
Man is a part of nature. We can not survive as a species if we continue to pollute and destroy our natural environment. During the past century the advancements of industrialized nations in it's trail of destruction has brought life on this planet as we know it toward extinction. IN THE PAST 20 YEARS WE HAVE used up 1/3 of our natural resources and polluted our planet so bad that if we stopped all pollution every  and destruction today, it would still take us centuries to recover.  Some things can never be recovered

The thousands upon thousands of  species that are already extinct will never be recovered. The harm this has done to the balance of the ecosystem is still beyond our ability to measure. The scientific community believe that there is not enough genetic diversity left to ensure the survival of many species that are listed on the endangered list. Breeding or cloning is of little help without genetic diversity  a species is doomed to total extinction.

The more life forms on this earth that becomes extinct, the closer we come. We have through our own greed, ignorance and carelessness have already lost countless species in one life time that took millions of years to evolve or that God created and entrusted in our care. The irreversible effects from the harm that has been done in the past is only now beginning to be realized by the scientific community and experienced by the general population. It will require a lot more awareness and much stricter enforcement to halt this massive destruction that is now taking place.

We have very little time left if we are to reverse this trend.
Will we be next on the endangered species list within another century ?

With our air and water so filled with toxic chemicals that it now requires filtering, what about the animal and plant life that must struggle to survive.

"How much longer can they exist?"

When our world dies around us are we not doomed also ?

** Save money on air conditioning by planting trees around your home. Trees provide shade in summer and can reduce home air conditioning needs by 10 to 50 percent.
Well maintained trees will also filter out air pollution for as long as 60 years!

** Read your labels! If what you're throwing away is hazardous, dispose of it properly. Just one drop of oil can contaminate up to 25 litres of water.

Environmental Hazards

Defenders of Wildlife
 National Wildlife Federation

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