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In todays world of Corporate Controlled News media we need Independant Journalism more than ever. The free press  is certainly not free and those with the payola get the press they want.

With hundreds of cable channels and tens of dozens of topic specific stations, honest reporting is still rarely found in private journalism.  Investigative reporting and dissident voices are barely heard even on public programming and community radio and television which peaked in the 90s and are now practically gone.

Corporations spend a lot of money to controll and surpress free speech on TV, radio, news papers and magazines. The only alternatives are the non-profit, reader supported news/views publications.  Below is a list of these alternative voices.

Bill Clinton speaks out against the new FCC ruling that lossens government standards, allowing a few giant corporations to dominate the airwaves
find out more
Senate Defies Bush, Overturns FCC Ruling

Independant journalism presents unsensored, commerical free, news, views, documentaries, commentary you've never seen "anywhere."

World Link
News, documentaries, movies, music commentaries from around the world. 
If you haven't checked this out you don't know what you are missing

The first casuality of war is truth.
Propaganda is a very important weapon in any government's arsenal.
Don't expect to hear uncensored, unbiased news coverage from syndicated corporate owned radio,
newspaper, magazine and TV stations that are in embedded with the military.  No tough questions were ever asked in the lead up to war.  Reporters instead of asking tough questions,  jumped in bed with the military and amplified the drum beat to war.  The voices in the mainstream media who did dare question Bush's rush to war were quickly silenced by those in the White House, putting pressure on newspapers, TV and radio stations. 
Any dissenting voices in the government,  in the media and in entertainment field were labled unpatriotic and a supporter of terrorism, their jobs were terminated, many were even black listed.   Democracy can not survive in an atmosphere of  censorship.  Especially  if the media  is self censored out of fear of the government.  Without free speech and the freedom of the press there is no democracy

Fox News channel
Fox News channel is so slanted to the right, their viewer's whole perception of reality is warped.
The majority of Fox viewers still believe that Hussein was responsible for 9-11.  35% of these mis-informed viewers also believe that WMD's were found in Iraq. 

Unfortunately  some of the lazy reporters and right wing talk show hosts on CNN and MSNBC  get their daily  briefs and talking points from the echo chambers of Fox News channel.

As Wolf Blitzer recently admitted to Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's ' The Daily Show', in a conversation concerning the mainstream media being so easily deceived and led to war,  " It's a result of group think."  

Rupert Murdoch is so angry he's spitting bullets over the  latest lawsuit being brought against  Fox News channel
for their outlandish claims about being  fair and balanced.  Spreading right wing propaganda and being a 24/7 advertisment for the Bush Administration is bad enough but lying about it by claiming to be fair and balanced is going too far.  Their claim is definetly One Step Over the Line Sweet Jesus.

War Puts Radio Giant on the Defensive

Critics of Clear Channel Communications accuse the radio broadcaster of drumming up support for the war on Iraq while muzzling musicians who oppose it.
Clear Channel Communications owns and operates over 1200 right wing radio broadcast stations across the US.
Clear Channel radio as well as Fox News, Disney, Charter Cable, Direct TV, CNN and a whole host of other media outlets are all owned and controlled by right wing, neo-con Rupert Murdoch.  War profiteering isn't exactly a brand new concept. 

air-america radio   Air-America Radio  now has 30 radio stations nationwide with more being added each week.  Featuring famous talk show hosts Al Franken,  Randi Rhodes, Laura Flanders, Mike Malloy, Kyle Jason
and more.  Keep up to date about what is really going on in the world around you instead of the having to rely on sound bites, right wing spin and corporate controlled tabloid news. 

Are you tired of listening to corporate sponsored Right Wing radio talk show hosts regurgitating the same old propaganda designed to dumb you down and keep you in the dark. There are now great alternatives that's
driving the Right Wing nuts.

Truth Out
Truth Out is a free, non-profit, online, news organization. Get your free daily news publication delivered each morning in  your e-mail and find out for yourself  what's really happening. Sign up for free.
Kennedy: 'Iraq War a Fraud'

Hans Blix: 'Iraq War Not Justified'

Hans Blix: "Iraq Destroyed WMD 10 Years Ago"

Iraqi Police Ready to Turn Guns on U.S. Troops

More national and international news

alternet news

Alternet news  is an Independant online news service.  Sign up free of charge for the latest uncensored news delivered directly to your e-mail box. 

The Nation is a non profit  weekly news magazine that has been with us since 1865.  The Nation is relies upon viewer support instead of corporate sponsors. A must read by many of our past presidents.

Mother Jones

Mother Jones is an independent nonprofit whose roots lie in a commitment to social justice implemented through first rate investigative reporting.

When ExxonMobil and BP need millions to pay for their oil projects,who do they turn to?

E-Wire Environmental Press Release Distribution
Get the latest in environmental news delivered to your desk top. Free email news publications and environmental alerts.

Other Environmental News services
Environmental News Service  - ens

Friends of the Earth - US

Peace & Justice

Visit  Peace & Justice  for more national and international anti war news/views and a list of  peace organizations.

"You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake."
Jeanette Rankin (first women member of Congress)

"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my
contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the
spinal cord would fully suffice."  -- Albert Einstein

Special Report
(WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, 2003) -- With troops amassing on the border of Iraq, we learn that for months the staff of Attorney General John Ashcroft has been secretly drafting the Domestic Security Act of 2003, another tectonic shift in the historic constitutional balance between security and liberty. Was the Bush Administration waiting for the bombs bursting in Baghdad to spring this latest, urgent, national security legislation on the American people and Congress, another drive-by deliberative mooting of our customary democratic discourse and  processes?

Given recent events, it is certainly not an unfair question to ask, writes Charles Lewis, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity. >> the draft of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003

Recommended  Books, DVD's,  Video's

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The Bush administration is voicing outrage over alleged Iraqi violations of the Geneva Conventions in broadcasting videotapes of U.S. POWs. But the complaint comes after George W. Bush ignored warnings from U.S. veterans that his own contempt for international law might lead to just this
predicament. By Nat Parry. March 25, 2003  International Law a la Carte

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